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Chinese Congress: 'PBOC Must be, for Bitcoin, AML' - Bitcoin news castle heednews.com

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Information Chinese Congress: 'PBOC Must be, for Bitcoin, AML' - Bitcoin news

Title :  Chinese Congress: 'PBOC Must be, for Bitcoin, AML' - Bitcoin news
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User :  Shakajar
Date of publication :   2019-09-02
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Frames Chinese Congress: 'PBOC Must be, for Bitcoin, AML' - Bitcoin news

Description Chinese Congress: 'PBOC Must be, for Bitcoin, AML' - Bitcoin news

More information in the developments in China have left recently in connection with the new regulation on the Chinese, the trade of bitcoin. On 9. March, Wu Xiaolin, former Deputy Governor of the people's Bank of China (PBOC) and the National people's Congress of the Congress, told a reporter that the Central Bank, for these types of bitcoin trading platforms.

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Chinese Congress, Said the &other;Bitcoin Is a Successful application of the technology, the Blockchain—

According to Wu Xiaolin, the PBOC needs to the detriment of the regulation for trading bitcoin, because the company, with certain aspects of the anti-money laundering (AML), management of foreign exchange, payment and settlement systems. Wu does not explain the recent inspections are necessary, what is bitcoin be a tool used for the purpose of money laundering. The mp also said he expects the bitcoin exchange are in the interior of the country in accordance with the new guidelines for the setting. However, the bitcoin, said trading have been very cooperative and have led self-test.

“ Bitcoin is a relatively good implementation of the blockchain technology,” details of the translation of the commentary of mp Wu Xiaolin. “ Now, by the individual governments and regulatory authorities have different options on the bitcoin. In China have been defined, such as a digital object. There are other countries, whereas a decentralized currency with no legal value of the clearing functions.”

The Central Bank Promotes the development of the technology, Financial

Wu has talked about bitcoin on numerous occasions in the past, after the display of the digital currency has to be regulated, but not prohibited. The MP said that the existence of bitcoin and heads of government gave virtual coins can exist co -. Wu and some of his colleagues seem to have little problems with bitcoin, as the time is monitored.    

During this time, the Governor of the PBOC, Zhou Xiaochuan also recent remarks about China & rsquo;s vision and the technology and financial management.

and for the artist;The Central Bank urges the development of the technology, financial,” explains Xiaochuan. “ the Digital currency, blockchain and other technologies, the impact is unpredictable. In the process of development, the problems need to be fixed.”

The State Department of the United States, Followed by China & rsquo;s efforts to regulate the International LMA Standards

In addition to the latest inspections GCP, the US state Department has published a report written by the International narcotics and law enforcement of cases (INLEA) compared to China and many other countries— financial regulations, the implementation of the strategies. The INLEA report gives a detailed insight into the recent PBOC regulation on the Chinese repression of the financial sector. The statements seem to imply that the us government expects China to continue to make improvements to their AML legal and regulatory framework for underground systems, Finance, and digital currency.

and for the artist: China cooperate to examine the application of international law, such as the population of the Chinese in the underground garage of the financial systems, the virtual currencies and trade, based on the transmission of value, for illegal purposes, used for outbound transfers, and you will receive the consignments of the funds, and the product of the crime,” the INLEA, the report concludes.

The Chinese, the politics, and the BPC, the framework in fact, the application of a large amount of attention on the regulation of the financial markets, the observance of bitcoin companies and many other types of monetary transactions in a foreign currency.

What do you think of the latest PBOC offensive for better compliance with the rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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